Thinking Differently About Feedback

Being able to give feedback effectively is one of the foundational skills that leaders need to have if they want their teams to perform and succeed.

But, a lot of the time leaders feel hesitant or nervous to give feedback to their teams. Sometimes this feeling stems from a time that they received feedback from their Line Manager and it didn’t go well, and perhaps they felt negatively impacted by the experience.

Or it comes from a time where they have previously given feedback and the performance of the team member did not change as a result, leaving them feeling like it wasn’t worth the effort.

So, for a lot of leaders there is a lot going on when it comes to giving feedback.

  • There is this mindset piece about it-Should I do it? Am I brave enough to do this? Will I succeed?
  • And then there is the ‘how-to’ piece-How do I go about doing it?

In this short video, I give you some insight into how to think differently about feedback.

Must hear tips include:

  1. How feedback should fit into your company’s culture
  2. Why you may feel uncomfortable with giving and receiving feedback
  3. A new way for you to think about your role as a leader when it comes to feedback

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