How to make your company values come alive

Whenever a CEO comes to me with performance challenges related to their team, or they are wanting to grow their business, or even start a business for that matter; my first question to them is: What are your company values?

That may seem odd to you. You may be wondering, why start there? But, the truth is that company values are so powerful. Your vision tells your team what you are wanting to achieve long term, the mission refers to the work that your team is engaged with; but the values are so special because they define for you and your team, how you will do the work.

Your values should not be just a picture on the wall, or a document stuck somewhere in your share drive on your computer. It needs to be alive and well everyday in your team.

In this short video, I give you an overview of the importance of company values and how you can make them come alive in your company.

Must hear tips include:

  • The benefits of having company values for your team’s performance
  • Five key strategies to make your company values come alive in your team

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