Leading with Strengths

You may be thinking-really, should I focus on strengths, and not areas of development? My answer is, Yes!

The reality is that as a small business owner, you really need a team that is performing at their best. If they are not it means that you are going to experience challenges such as poor performance, a negative workplace culture and even a decline in customer satisfaction. And, of course, these challenges will land on your list of ‘must do’ items, meaning you will have reduced capacity for the things that really should be getting your attention.

So instead, what you rather want is a situation where your team is engaged. Where they are energised, committed, performing at their best and wanting to stay and grow with your company. It sounds like a dream. But, when you focus on strengths, you can make this happen!

In this short video, I give you some insight into how to lead with strengths.

Must-hear tips include:

  1. How to go about finding out your team’s strengths
  2. How you can use strengths as an advantage when it comes to leading your team
  3. How to use your team’s strengths to support their development areas

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